Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dot to Dot

Do you remember those coloring books you had when you were a kid?  You had to connect the dots to make the outline before you could color the page.  Some pages were easy and others complicated.  If you didn't follow the numbers, you had no clue what you were doing.

Your life is a dot-to-dot picture.  The Holy Spirit is your guide and He knows the pattern.  If you ask Him, He will either tell you which dot is next or He will send others to assist you.  There will be times in your life when the Holy Spirit will ask you to help someone else connect the dots in their coloring book.  By helping others, you will find clues to help you with your own picture.

It will take you a lifetime to connect all the dots and color your picture.  Be careful not to color outside the lines.  Use some white-out if necessary.

Today's post is dedicated to the Ramona Christian Writers Critique Group.  Each member played a major role in helping me complete my first dot-to-dot puzzle, God's Black Sheep Squadron.  This weekend, everyone in the group except me will be attending the San Diego Writer's Conference.  Dave, Joe and Stacey are celebrating the completion of their first dot-to-dot coloring books.  Check out Stacey's blog and read about her grandmother, the one who believed in Stacey's coloring book long before Stacey discovered how to connect the dots in Saving Savannah.

I regret I won't be at the conference this weekend to share the joy these new writers are experiencing.  I'm committed to another team and it's time to finish a coloring book we started long ago. We are going to win one for the Gipper, someone in my life who connects the dots like no other.  He's in the same league as Stacey's grandmother.  God bless these people who help us with our coloring books.

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