Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Elevator Talk

Picture yourself entering an elevator with a scruffy-looking character.  You secretly wish at least one more person will get on-board.  The doors close and you are stuck alone with an odd-looking man.  His hair is gray and he smiles as he politely asks, "what floor?"

"12th floor, please," you answer, thinking, please don't tell me that's your floor.

"What a coincidence," the man says as he pushes the button.

"What's that book you're reading?" you ask.

"I wrote it," the stranger responds.  "It's a memoir about my dad's final thirty-five days on earth.  He was away from the family for a long time and came home from Mexico to get healed.  He and his wife, Molly, moved there to get away from the rat race and enjoy a peaceful retirement.  Molly got sick and dad got cancer.  He told us it was just a spot on his lung.  He neglected to tell us the cancer was all over his body. The story is about our family reunion after a long separation."

"What motivated you to write about your dad?"

"I'm the oldest of six.  When mom and dad got divorced and declared bankruptcy, my family fell apart.  I wrote the story because something special happened to all of us when dad came home.  He thought he was going to get better when he returned.  The truth is, he did get better, spiritually speaking.  So did my mother and my siblings.  God nudged me to write about how He healed all of us before calling dad to be with Him.  It was in dad's final thirty-five days that he taught us all how to live.  His lessons are for families that are dysfunctional and have trouble getting along with one another.  It's also about forgiveness."

The elevator stops and the doors open.  The man hands a copy of the book to you before gesturing for you to go first.  You are excited to talk some more, however, the man stays behind.

"I'm really supposed to be on the second floor," the man says with a grin.  "The voice in my head told me to escort you to your floor and to give you a copy of my book.  Have a great day."

Consider these daily stories a collection of elevator talks just for you.  If you're interested in reading "God's Black Sheep Squadron," click here to order a copy on Amazon.  Whatever floor you find yourself on today, I wish you peace and happiness.  Thanks for sharing the elevator with me.

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