Sunday, September 4, 2011

God's Plans Unfold

This is an emotional weekend.  Last night, coach Pete hosted an evening of prayer for the youth of our community and the world.  Hamburgers and hot dogs were served and a youth worship band from El Centro led the crowd.

My wife and I are returning home today after dropping off our daughter at college.  There aren't many schools left that actually make prayer part of the curriculum.  I thank God He led my daughter to a private school where God is first in everything they do.  I also thank Him for providing the resources to send our daughter to this special place. 

Public schools are afraid they may offend someone if prayers are allowed.  If believers remain silent on this issue, prayers and crosses will disappear.  There are people of other faiths who pray up to five times a day at specific intervals.  When they come to our public schools, they ask for special allowances so their children can follow the rules they live by.  My belief is that people of all faiths should be allowed to pray.  A couple of moments of silence are good for the soul, even if one is a non-believer.  It doesn't have to be called prayer, just a moment of reflection.  God is always calling us even when we aren't calling Him.

I'm thankful for the leaders in our community who came together in a public park to pray for our youth last night.  It's nice to see God's plans unfolding through these brave people who are willing to stand up for God even when it's not popular.

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