Sunday, September 25, 2011

Catching Up With Old Friends

One of my high school buddies set up a Facebook page to connect classmates and celebrate our 50th birthdays.  Although the site was started two years ago, many of us are just now discovering our long lost friends and we are sharing how it feels to be entering the sixth decade on the planet.

The sad part about getting back in touch is finding out about those who left this world due to suicide, accidents or terminal disease.  Others have suffered broken marriages, lost children to sickness, or just plain disappeared.  My heart aches for these old friends.

Every one of my classmates has been through at least one storm.  As we get older, more storm clouds are forming on the horizon.  We are dealing with aging parents and our own ailments the closer we get to retirement.  The economy has thrown a curve ball on retirement planning and some are looking for new jobs.

Now, more than ever, it's good to have friends to help each other get through tough times.  The one thing I can offer my long lost friends is my attitude.  Most of my old buddies have no idea the challenges I faced in high school.  Those early storms in my life prepared me for all the adventures I faced when I moved away from Arizona.  The darkness in my life helped me savor the bright moments.  There is a smile on my face at this moment as I think of my friends from the class of '78.

Take a moment today to seek out an old friend from your past.

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