Monday, September 12, 2011

The Morning After

My son and I have been looking forward to the start of football season ever since our team got knocked out last year before the playoffs even started.  Despite having the number one offense and the number one defense in the NFL, our team came up short too many times.

Every year for the last four years our team managed to dig a deep hole at the beginning of the season and then fight back to have a shot at the Super Bowl.  Everyone expected our team to win it all.  Missing the playoffs last year was devastating.

Just before kickoff, police officers and players unraveled a huge American flag on the field while patriotic music resonated through the stadium.  Images of our military personnel flashed on the TV screen.  Fans held up signs commemorating the tenth anniversary of 9/11 saying "we will never forget."

Then it happened again... the other team took the opening kickoff and danced through the field all the way to the end zone.  The last player in the way was our kicker and he got carted off the field after injuring his knee.  Fifteen seconds into our season, it looked like it was already over.  I could hear my relatives from the Midwest cheering from two thousand miles away.

Just like our country after the disaster ten years ago, there was a morning after for our beloved San Diego Chargers.  They took a breather at half time and figured out a way to adapt.  In the second half, they scored repeatedly while keeping their opponent scoreless.

Today is the morning after all the ten year anniversary tributes.  This country has demonstrated it can bounce back.  It has shown its true colors.  Ten years from now when I reflect back on yesterday, I will never forget how my football team found themselves or how my country got back on its feet after being knocked down.  I'm proud of my football team for never giving up and I'm proud of all the police officers, firemen, and military who gave their lives on 9/11/01.  This country has turned a tragedy into a national day of remembrance. We've shown the world there is a morning after...

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