Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rebuilding the Mosaic

We are rapidly approaching the tenth anniversary of 9/11/01, a day that changed America forever.  On that day, a young man who lost some firefighter friends penned several poems.  Mattie Stepanek left this world before I got the opportunity to say thank you for his thoughts.  I sought out an interview with Mattie's mother to learn more about her special son.  She gave me an hour of her time and I hung up the phone knowing something in my heart was stirring.  She reminded me of another mother who lived a long time ago, someone who relentlessly pointed people to her Son.

 In Mattie's final book, "Just Peace: A Message of Hope," he wrote...

"Our world is in a crisis.  There is so much anger, so much hatred, so much fighting.  People worry about differences, but our differences are our unique beauties, our strengths, our gifts.  We compare ourselves to others, measuring might and wealth and success and esteem in units that don't really count or add up in the standards of future and eternity.  I fear the rages, and the wages, of war.  And sometimes, I think the world might need fictional characters like Yoda from Star Wars and Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings and Professor Dumbledore from Harry Potter who battle defensively, gently overcoming oppressions and injustice, to come to life and inspire people to think and act and be differently.  Then, rather than letting our fears lead to anger and then hate and then suffering, people would be more inclined to have courage and wisdom and seek peace in nonviolent methods like the heroes in books and movies.  But in reality, we have people and organizations with all the admirable qualities of these fictional role models.  People of all nations, of all ages, of all races and religions and abilities and aspirations can choose to just look around in our very real world and see that we are a mosaic of unique gifts.  But we must heed that the mosaic is breaking. The treasured pieces are scattered.  We need to gather, we need to rebuild the mosaic of life.  We need to be motivated to choose peace."

How will you spend your day on 9/11?  If you wish to be a part of rebuilding the mosaic, take a moment and share Mattie's message of peace with a friend.  To my friend, Jeni Stepanek, I thank you for the insight you have given me regarding your son.

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