Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Help for the Wounded

 So I prophesied as he commanded me, and breath entered them; they came to life and stood up on their feet—a vast army. ~ Ezekiel 37:10

On the battlefield of life, the enemy has wounded some people close to me.  Members of my own family have been hit by shrapnel.  All over the world, there is much despair.  I recall a Bible story about Ezekiel.  God asked him to speak to the dry bones.  Ezekiel was living in exile at the time and his people were without hope of regaining their freedom.

As I look out onto the valley, I too see a bunch of dried up bones.  I see good people who feel trapped.  This great nation has stubbed its toe.  We elected leaders who put themselves first and care more about their own reelection than they care about the people they serve. 46 million Americans are living in poverty.

Some may ask, "where is God?"

God is asking, "where are you?"

I spoke with a friend yesterday and she told me she was ready to crawl back into her cave.  Everywhere I look, I see the same dried up bones Ezekiel saw when he observed God's people.  My body is weary from this long fight.  It would be so easy to retreat to the caves I hid in for so many years and wallow.  Then I hear God's voice in my heart asking, "where are you?"

With all the energy I can scrounge up, I stand tall and face the battlefield.  The voice says, "breathe."

As I blow the breath of the Holy Spirit into my laptop, it travels through the internet to the far ends of the earth and enters the dry bones of the fallen.  One by one, each warrior receives the gift of the Holy Spirit and rises up.  At last, there is help for the wounded.  For those who follow Jesus, there is always hope.  It's time to stand up.

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