Friday, October 28, 2011


The Bible is loaded with symbolism.  My writing is based on lessons I learn as I dig deep to find the meaning of all those parables.  When Jesus teaches, He uses stories we can relate to so we can get a glimpse of His perspective.

I'm amazed how the younger generation can integrate new computer tools so seamlessly into their lives while my generation takes it's time adjusting to all the new inventions.

The other day, I was playing with the keyboard on my laptop and discovered some new symbols.  They were always at my fingertips, however, like the Bible stories, it took a while for me to decipher them.

Connecting to Jesus allows you to see the world differently.  That 808 you see in my name is really a symbol showing the world I've chosen to connect to Jesus and to others who follow Him.  The zero in the middle is me.  Alone, it has no value.  It's only when the zero connects to the eights that it gains significance.  When the eights are rotated ninety degrees, they represent beginning and no end.  To me, this image looks like the front view of a cargo plane and Jesus is the wings.  The wings are big enough to lift us all up and transport us to Heaven.  Here's what it looks like...


Pick up a Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal clues behind all the symbolism.  It was written for you and you will find the meaning of your life if you commit to understanding how you fit in to God's plan for you.  Connect to Jesus and you will soar to new heights.  I hope you join me inside the cargo plane.

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