Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holding Hands

I don't know much about the ancient couple whose grave was recently discovered. They were buried together 1,500 years ago with their hands clasped.  Someone made a decision to join their hands before sealing up the grave.  What was the inspiration for this?  Were their lives so rosy that others oohed and awed as they giddily pranced through the town with their hands locked together in a death grip?

Another loving couple from my wife's home state of Iowa died within one hour of each other after being injured in a car accident.  They had been married seventy-two years.  Their loved ones thought it best to place them in the same hospital room in intensive care.  Although they were both in comas, their hands were joined together.  The husband died first but his heart appeared to keep beating and no alarms sounded.  The wife's heartbeat showed up on her husband's monitor until it stopped just one hour later.  Click here for a link to the story.

My wife and I were photographed by our daughter.  Every time I hold her hand I get this feeling inside of me everything is okay.  If we were to both leave this world at the same time, this would be my final join our hands together and lay us to rest together.  It's not a symbol of a picture-perfect life.  It's just two people who committed to stay on the roller coaster until the conclusion of the ride.  Lots of highs, wild curves, a few dangerous descents; a ride that takes my breath away every time she holds my hand.  The picture below summarizes my twenty-two years riding the roller coaster while holding my love's hand...

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