Monday, October 3, 2011

The Encounter, a Movie Review

My youngest son was flipping through the Netflix movie selections on Friday evening and said, "hey, dad, this one looks's about somebody who acts like Jesus."

My son normally goes for the action thrillers, especially movies about war.  Before he could move on to another choice, I yelled, "sounds like a good one, let's check it out."

In the opening scene, a young teenager is flagging down cars and nearly gets run over.  She is angry nobody will stop.  The other drivers who neglected to help her end up in a diner after discovering the road has been closed.  The man inside the diner offers each "guest" a free meal of their choice served exactly the way they like it.  In addition to the free food, he offers ideas to help the stranded travelers find their way.

I give this movie five stars.  "The Encounter" is a modern day look at life from God's point of view.  Bruce Marchiano plays Jesus.  Make sure to see this movie with the whole family and recommend it to your friends.  I sent Bruce an email after we finished watching the movie and asked him to do an interview for my blog, "Free Lemonade Stories."  He has a vision not only for portraying Jesus on the big screen, but also for sharing Him in places around the world where He is unknown.

Here is a link to the movie trailer.  Support this ministry and show Hollywood you support wholesome family movies with messages of hope...

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