Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Empty Seat

If you've suffered the loss of a loved one, you know that empty feeling you get when you sit at the dinner table and see the empty seat in front of you.  I didn't realize how deep this feeling was for me until my daughter returned home for a twenty-four hour visit from college a couple of weekends ago.  How joyful it was to have her back in our presence, even it was only for a brief moment.  For seven weeks, her seat at the table was empty and her separation from the family was difficult.

The strongest motivator for writing this blog is picturing the dinner table in Heaven with all my loved ones gathered around it, hoping there will be no empty seats.  Like my daughter's short visit with us before going back to school, I sense our time on this planet is limited.  I don't want anyone to miss their invitation to the banquet in Heaven.  One empty seat is too many.

Jesus is looking for your R.S.V.P.  Today's blog is your invitation.  Please don't be the empty seat at the table.  I have a sad feeling there are some people close to me who will ignore their invitation to be with Jesus forever.  Will you do your part and ask others to respond to the invitation?  I need your help.

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