Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Preview of "The Caveman in the Mirror ~ A Siritual Reflection", Book #2 in the Series

The countdown ticker you see on the right margin reminds me every day to stay focused on my second book, The Caveman in the Mirror ~ A Spiritual Reflection.  Without self-imposed deadlines, I would never get my big projects done.  The nice benefit of being an independent publisher is the control I have over every aspect of my books including the writing, editing, and cover design.  In about five hundred days, book number two will be released.  My name may appear on the cover, however, I know in my heart I'm really just a middle man.  Long before I was born, my Creator thought of me in His mind.  He made a plan for me which includes the series of books I'm developing.  In essence, I'm discovering what God already conceived and then putting it on paper and in cyberspace.  My job is to unravel God's vision, one puzzle piece at a time.

It usually starts with a glimpse of a picture or a random thought that hits me while I'm commuting to work.  The vision for the front cover is a picture of me wearing a suit and tie.  I'm looking into a full-length mirror and the focal point is the reflection in the mirror.  You can see me from a 3/4 camera angle shot from behind me.  The image in the mirror is a scruffy-looking caveman with a gangly frame and overgrown unkempt hair.  His eyes are dazed and he appears disoriented as he stares down his preppy alter-ego.  This caveman is a look into my soul from God's point of view.  The well-dressed man looking into the mirror is what the world sees.  The book is about what happens when the reflection in the mirror encounters Jesus.  When the caveman meets Jesus, everything changes.

The artist painting this picture doesn't know she will be helping the couple who breathed life into my first book.  I've already seen samples of her work and she is a perfect addition to my creative team.

The book is an introspection of my own life.  To write it, I first turned to the Holy Spirit and asked Him to show me who I am in God's eyes.  Peering into the mirror is like having some sort of spiritual X-ray vision.  Because the Holy Spirit is allowing me to see what God sees, my vision has a 3-D aspect that is outside time and space boundaries.  Somehow, while I look at myself in the mirror, I can see the past, present and future in one image.  The book is all about the image in the mirror and what happens when God reveals Himself to the caveman.  You, the reader holding the book in your hands or viewing the image from your Kindle are the most significant part of the front cover.  You are part of the future.  When you read the book, you will see how we are connected to one another and to God.

I have about five hundred days to put the pieces of this second puzzle together.  Thanks for visiting my sandbox today.  I really like sharing my writing experiences with you.  Come back again for a progress report.  I'm hoping that my writing journey can be interactive, like visiting a microbrewery.  You get to visit during the writing process and at the end of the tour you can take home a finished product.  Email me if you have any questions about this project.  Thanks for stopping by.

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