Monday, October 24, 2011

Confessions of a Blog Writer

Today's post is a little embarrassing.  There you are in Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or perhaps in the USA, reading these daily blog stories.  I must admit, I'm a bit shocked.  I never expected more than a few relatives to check this site out.

I come from a family of writers, although I never considered myself to be a writer.  Part of me wanted to roll over and go back to sleep the morning I heard that voice in my head prodding me to get up and start a blog.  I admit it, I tried to make the blog name so long and obscure that it would fade away into the blogosphere in a sea of over 200 million other blog writers, all crammed together like a can of sardines.  My stories are like messages in a bottle that float to the ends of the earth and I'm thankful you take the time to open the bottle and read what's inside.

Something happened while my stories drifted in the found me.  Maybe you were looking for "the Yellow Brick Road" or "the meaning of 808?"  You could even be a hiker who lives in my neighborhood, wanting to know more about "the Devil's Punchbowl."  Somehow, you ended up here.  I'm stunned.  I'm also appreciative. 

The One who sent me really doesn't care what you or I think about why we're here.  What's really important is that we discover what He wants us to do with our lives.  My prayer today for you is that maybe one of these stories will inspire you to dig deeper and find the real reason why you are on this planet.  I confess...that's my purpose, to put these messages in a bottle and cast them into the sea every morning at 8:08am.  What's your purpose?  Why are you here?  What are you searching for?  I hope you come back again and share the journey with me.  If you found a message in the bottle and you would like more in the future, please take a moment and sign up to follow this blog.  Look in the right margin for the follow button and sign up using Google Friends.  This will make it easy for you connect with me.  Thanks for visiting.

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