Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Masters of Ceremonies

Some of you out there in the blog world may be wondering, "this naked cave man, we never read stories about his wife or children...does he really have a family?"

At the beginning of my blog writing career, I promised my family that they would enjoy anonymity, while I shared my deepest memories and experiences.  Any time a story involves a family member, I get permission before including them in the stories, unless, that family member is already in the public.

This morning, my daughter, Nicole, agreed to allow me to write about her.  Last night, for the first time ever, she spoke in front of a crowd.  She and her two buddies resembled characters right out of some Saturday Night Live skits.  They had the crowd in stitches.  Their role was to entertain the crowd while the dancers prepared for their next song.  Although Nicole had never held a microphone before or spoke in front of an audience, she handled her parts with grace and elegance.  I felt a sense of calmness inside of me as I watched her perform.  Her future is in God's hands and I am beginning to see her hidden talents.

Most people fear public speaking.  It can possibly be traced back to a bad experience in front of a crowd.  Those butterflies in one's stomach can cause anxiety and prevent us from ever facing this number one fear.  Last night, my daughter and her two friends went way beyond their comfort zones to bring laughter to the audience.  Look out Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey.  Nicole's two friends may one day force you into retirement.

I am thankful to my daughter for allowing me to write about her today.  She is developing her God-given talents and sharing them with others.  That is what Jesus asks of us...find out how we fit into the world and then put our gifts to work.  We are not all created to speak in front of crowds, let alone make them laugh, however, we do have a job to do.

Work on your gifts.  Develop them to the best of your ability and then share them.  Thank you, Nicole, for allowing me the opportunity to share how you and your friends are using your gifts to make the world better.  That is a parent's most important job, to help their children discover their talents, then support them and encourage them as they find their place in the world.  Your parents are proud of you.  Keep using your gifts to serve others.

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