Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Handling Rejection

The meaning of the terms "mulligan" and "rejection" sometimes goes hand-in-hand.  Like many of my ancestors before me, I can throw my clubs further than I can hit the ball.  The main reason for this is because I never really took the time to "learn" what this game is all about.  "Mulligan" in golf means "do over".  If you are getting lots of rejection in your life, make sure you take a mulligan every time.  Just keep doing it over and over until you get the acceptance you are looking for.

Dealing with my mortgage company is a great example of never giving up, no matter how challenging the odds.  For two years, I have been applying (and re-applying for a mortgage that fits today's challenging economy.  "Rejected" does not work for me.  "Let me know what you need to get this approved", I respond.  I will use every "mulligan" there is available and I will not stop until the cows come home.

Become relentless in overcoming rejection.  I have been told "no" so many times by prospects that the word has made me tone deaf.  I can no longer hear "no".  Instead, I hear, "not yet".  If you have the tenacity to endure every rejection that comes your way and keep getting back up with each blow you suffer, you will become unstoppable.  Go for it.  Use your mulligans, every one of them.  If you run out, find a way to get some more.  Rejection is only a hurdle and there is always a way over, under or through it.  Become a world champion hurdler.

The video below is dedicated to one of my relatives.  His name is Energizer and he can score goals against his daddy like no other.  He gets knocked down but he gets up again, without fail, a true Mulligan...

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