Monday, November 1, 2010

Reading Between the Lines

No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father ~ Matthew 24:36

My tennis team-mates are joining me in writing creative prose as part of the newly formed club, dubbed the P.O.E.T.S. society.  We take turns putting poems together that make others in the group chuckle.  Sometimes, there are hidden meanings stitched into the limericks, much like the stories we read in the Bible.

The deeper I dig into each Bible story, the more I understand how much God loves us.  Everything He asks of us is for our own good.  The story of the naked cave man in Luke 8:26-40 has allowed me to really understand myself.  It is not just a story about some crazy man living apart from society.  It is my story.  How can fifteen verses about an insignificant man who lived 2,000 years ago change me so radically?

I needed to be prepared to read between the lines in order to decode God's plan for me.  The more I study this caveman, the more I understand myself.  Let's look at the similarities.  First, this crazy man was not Jewish.  He lived in a place where pigs were raised, a forbidden food in the Jewish communities.  The pig was considered so unclean, that the Jews were even forbidden to touch them.

The caveman no longer had access to pig food since the evil spirits made them crazy and drove them to their death over the cliff.  I too have given up all food related to the pig since reading "the Maker's Diet."

Jesus asked everyone He met to follow Him EXCEPT the crazy man.  The man desperately wanted to remain with Him, however, that would have disrupted the Father's plans for Jesus and it was necessary for the cave man to stay out of the way.  I too, wanted Jesus to remove me from here.  Had that been allowed to happen, neither of us would have "published" all the good that Jesus had done for us.

The end result for the first cave man was that his publishing of all the good that Jesus had done convinced everyone in the town to accept Jesus.  They were ready to follow him when he returned to their region.

My job is the same as my predecessor, however, I have been Blessed with amazing tools that allow people from all over the planet to read what I am publishing as I write.  There are more distractions in our world today and the stakes are high.  I am compelled to write daily.  Jesus has given me the vision of what is to come and He has always kept every promise He made.  He will return, just as he came back to check on my alter ego 2,000 years ago.  Please do your part and share the Good News and I will do mine.  Together, we will reach the lost sheep that need to be found.

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