Monday, July 24, 2017

Your Talents are Like Seeds

Talent – Natural aptitude or skill

You don't have to worry about your talent – you were born with it.  There's no need to acquire it because you already possess it.  It starts out in raw seed form.  Not all seeds sprout at the same time and that's okay.  What's not okay is refusing to nurture your seed.  You are responsible for the watering, the weed abatement and the pruning.  Keep in mind why you were given this talent.  It's really not for your benefit, although it will bring you much personal satisfaction when you develop it.  Your talent is meant to help others. 

In case you think your talent is insignificant, ask yourself what happens when your TV loses a pixel on the screen.  Yep.  One missing pixel devalues the whole picture.  What good is 4K technology when there's a line thru the screen?  Water your seed.  Take care of your pixel.  Don't worry where you are or what the others are doing.  Your role is important.  Let your talent shine.  Have a great day.

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