Friday, July 7, 2017

Stress Busters

Stress kills.  Recognize what it's doing to your life and do something before it's too late.  Think of stress as a "hot tater" and don't hold on too long so you don't get burned.  Try these stress busters to avoid the danger zone...
  • Avoid toxic people
  • Avoid toxic situations
  • Be prepared before entering any challenging meetings
  • Exercise regularly
  • Sleep 8 hours per night
  • When someone hands you a "hot tater," throw it back with a quick solution attached for them to try.  Sometimes the solution may be a question, such as "have you asked John what his opinion is on this matter?"
  • Set up mine fields for repeat offenders.  If toxic people insist on meeting with you, limit your availability and stick to your calendar.  Give them each 15 minutes on "Toxic Tuesday" and make sure to schedule something fun after you're done so you can quickly return to normal.
Remember, stress in small amounts won't hurt.  Avoid long-term exposure for a happy, healthy life.  Have a great day.

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