Saturday, July 29, 2017

Have a Ball

That's Thomas Jefferson in the photo I captured above.  Most people don't know he had a severe wrist injury to his dominant right hand.  He could have complained, could have stopped writing, could have given up.  The author of the Declaration of Independence chose a different path.  He chose to adapt and learned to write left-handed.  This man died on the same day we declared our independence and it happens to be my birthday – the 4th of July.

So what does this crazy picture have to do with today's story?  It's rather personal for me because it's about my own past, present and future.  My hope is that it's also about yours.  How well do you really know the people around you?  If you pause for a moment and get to know them, you may find they have a story to tell, just like Thomas Jefferson.  And if they happen to walk around carrying a tennis racket named Wilson and a tattooed soccer ball named Bro, make sure you ask why.

Yes, I'm having a ball.  You should too.  And please don't ever let others stop you from being yourself.  Have fun.  Do not ever be afraid to be yourself.  Have a great day.

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