Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Do You Know Why You Do the Things You Do?

Do you prefer tranquility or chaos?  Do arrive early or late?  Are your relationships rocky or long-lasting?  Here's the question of the day: why?  And the follow-up question:  are you willing to change?

Most people won't change unless the perceived reward is greater than the pain.  Change is a struggle.  I consider pain as the price of admission for something better in my life.  The good seats always sell at a premium.  I'm certain about one thing – no matter what, I want my wife sitting next to me on the fifty yard line until time expires.  She knows I will do whatever it takes to maximize the rewards of a strong marriage.  For me, that means always seeking ways to improve.  Ask yourself, do I know why I do the things I do?  Think about your answer.  Have a great day.

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