Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mother Nature Gives Respite

The heat index in my part of the world hit 110º yesterday while I was driving home.  The wall of black clouds near my destination looked ominous and threatened my plans for a barbecue with my wife.  My wife urged me to be careful driving since there was yet another tornado watch in my community.  What happened next was like watching the parting of the red sea.  I caught up to the tail end of the storm at my exit on I-80 and noticed a sudden temperature drop of over twenty degrees.  The outside temperature gauge showed 79º which couldn't be any more perfect for barbecuing wild salmon. 

Mother Nature has been so fickle lately.  My best friend in Arizona notified me about a family who was wiped out by a flash flood that struck our favorite watering hole in the mountains.  He told me a ten foot wall of water instantly killed all ten people who were trying to cool off.  He was hiking in the area just 48 hours before the tragedy and warned visitors heading to the watering hole about the dark clouds in the distance.  "A flash flood can come out of nowhere," he said prophetically.  The hikers seemed unconcerned.  Please take a moment today and pray for this family and all others who may be struggling with adverse weather conditions.  My wife and I are thankful for Mother's Nature's respite and her timing couldn't have been any better.  During my prayer of Thanksgiving, I included my gratitude for all the new friends I made during my time away.  God is good.  Have a great day.

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