Friday, July 21, 2017

Moving Mountains

My youngest brother gets all the credit for his ability to move mountains.  He's been doing it all his life.  He's the guy gracing the front cover of all the magazine shoots for the world's largest producer of heavy duty construction equipment.  He's really good at what he does.  There's another kind of mountain we have in our lives that Jesus talks about.  These spiritual mountains won't budge no matter how big the tractors are.  I know the secret. The nonbeliever will never find it.  The believer must be willing to give up everything in order to discover it. Are you ready?

Let go of everything taking up space in your heart that was meant for Jesus, open the door and let him in.  Expect his remodeling and his renovations to be painful, even humiliating at times. Your friends may think you've lost your marbles. The truth is you may lose everything including your marbles. Whatever you do,  make sure Jesus remains in your heart.   And when others see you moving mountains,  don't ever take the credit.  Acknowledge the one who is doing all the work.  Have a great day.

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