Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Why Judging is Best Left to the Judges

One of the biggest benefits of my day job is the time off I'm granted to attend weekly church services.  I'm often asked by others, "did you get a good message today?"  My pastor is an ex-school teacher and he has a special way of making his talks easy to understand.  Here's a summary from his last talk:
  1. Evil exists.
  2. Don't judge others.
  3. There will be a judgment day.
The "other side" is really good at distorting, confusing and manipulating.  They try to convince people Hell doesn't exist, hence, there's nothing to worry about – like judgment day.  Clever marketing, I must say.  Sorry, I'm not buying.

For me, the highlight from Sunday's service is the point about judging others.  My pastor said only God can properly judge because he has all the facts.  We don't.  I'm going to do my best from now on to leaving the judging to the judges.  Have a great day.

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