Sunday, May 7, 2017

Why You Should Expand Your Comfort Zone

I asked my wife yesterday why she thought I was so happy in our new hometown.  "Your pendulum swung the furthest," she said.  "The rest of us were ready to make the move but you had to come a long way in order to make the transition, more than the rest of the family."

I thought about her comment.  She's right.  I was so stuck in my comfort zone that I was really frozen.  That's what comfort zones are – tiny prison cells with no windows.  I had all the excuses for staying locked up.  She had the key to set me free.

Your comfort zone is as big as you want it to be.  Push yourself and you can stretch it.  I'm rather uncomfortable again because I missed my May 1 book deadline and I'm surrounded by chaos.  That's okay.  Comfort zone upgrading requires effort.  There are growing pains.  It's worth it.  My pendulum is in motion.  How about yours?  Are you ready to test the limits of your capabilities?  Have a great day.

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