Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Progress Report

Michelangelo never stressed himself out by putting deadlines on his creative works.  He simply looked at a slab of rock and decided to cut away all that was unnecessary until his masterpiece was revealed.  That's what editing is – removing what's unnecessary to get to the heart of the matter.   I'm not sure how long it will take to get my next project launched but the lesson I learned is to keep my time targets private so I can maintain my sanity.

There are only four mistakes you can make on the tennis courts assuming you figured out how to avoid missing the ball completely – hitting the ball long, into the net, wide right or wide left.  There are four corrections or adjustments to get the ball in the court.  The same is true writing a book – too much or too little.  I'm concentrating on smart mistakes until I can get the ball in the court consistently.  Too bad Michelangelo isn't around so I can ask him what to do if I accidentally chiseled the head off my baby.  That's okay.  I'll figure it out.  Just don't ask how long the editing will take.  I'm making progress.  By the way, two of my tennis teams remain undefeated in league play and we're headed to the playoffs.  I'll be balancing my writing and my tennis and hope for successful outcomes on and off the courts.  Stay tuned.  Have  a great day.

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