Thursday, June 8, 2017

Would You Consider Writing to the Younger You?

MercyMe inspired me to think about today's question with their song, "Dear Younger Me."  Click on the YouTube video above for more.  I'm pretty sure I won't be receiving any warning letters from my future self because I already know all the situations and obstacles I would prefer to avoid are what I need to grow in wisdom.  There are no easy solutions.  If I did get an opportunity to write to the younger me, I have a feeling my letter would look something like this...

Dear Younger Me,

Every choice you make from this day forward will affect me, the future you.  Your choices also affect others.  I know what a deep thinker you are and I'm well aware of your competitiveness.  Sorry, you're reading this letter, scanning for ways to avoid all your future mistakes, but you won't find anything specific here.  The trials ahead of you are part of the journey.  I only have one morsel from your future to offer you.  Here you go...

There are only two teams on the planet – those who are on God's side and the other side.  Remember this, God created every member of each team.  You are not here to judge any of the players.  You are not here to destroy the other side.  In fact, your assignment is to help the other side.  When this game of life is over, you will be judged not by how you treated the players on your team but how you helped the other side.  You are the recruiter.  The other side has been duped.  Many of the players are forbidden to know about the One you follow.  It's not their fault.  You won't win them over by hating them.

Are you concerned about your assignment?  The truth is everyone on your team is called to recruit players for God's side.  If you need help, call on the Holy Spirit.  He already knows the future and He can give you Divine assistance if you're willing to ask.  Make good choices and take it one day at a time.  I'll see you at the finish line.  Have a great day.

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