Saturday, June 24, 2017

Another Date with Destiny

Today is the first time since joining the men's Iowa USTA tennis league that our team has home field advantage for the state championships.  I plan on savoring every moment on the court with my doubles partner who has a wing span like no other, except maybe his son who plays college tennis and sometimes practices with us.  The weather will be cool and breezy.  A couple of family members are coming out to cheer for us as we defend our title and I'm feeling better than ever, even though I'm one of the oldest players in the 40+ division.  We are still awaiting word about a possible wild card spot in the 18+ division where our team came up short by one match in the finals.  Today's showdown is against many of the same opponents we faced a couple of weeks ago.  These are the kinds of days that take my breath away.  Today's match is dedicated to my Aunt Peggy who will be watching from the grandstands in Heaven.  One of my favorite memories is being on the courts with her and a couple of other relatives for a tennis lesson.  If you live in the Iowa City area, stop by and say hello at the University of Iowa tennis courts.  We will be playing all morning.  Have a great day.

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