Sunday, June 4, 2017

How Do You Feel About Change?

Your attitude about change can help you or hinder you.  I'm certainly no change expert but it's a topic I have a great deal of experience dealing with in my personal life.  Change is like a drop of water hitting a large pool.  The ripples hit your family and loved ones like a tidal wave and continue to friends, classmates, work peers, even enemies.  The bigger the change, the stronger the reaction you will observe.  Some ripples transcend time itself. 

One of the most important lessons I learned about change is that it's best not to try to change others.  The time and energy you expend is better used changing yourself.  If you're satisfied with your life as it is, there's no need to make any changes.  That doesn't mean you're off the hook because someone close to you may hit you with one of their own ripples when you least expect it.  How are you going to handle it if someone you love says, "I'm dying"?  This happened to me fifteen years ago with my dad.  Yep, the ripples are still rippling.

When dealing with others, consider change as chapters in a book.  Some are further along in their reading while others may only be on the first chapter.  You will most likely relate best to those who are on the same page as you but that's a small number compared to the general population.  Be patient with the ones who need more time to comprehend the reading material and ask the speed readers ahead of you to give you more time to grasp all the emotions you're feeling.  Have a great day.

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