Saturday, April 16, 2016

How to Gain Willpower Points

Two people approached me yesterday with a concerned look on their face.  Each asked the same question, "Are you okay?"  These types of situations come up when your outside appearance changes dramatically in a short period of time.  I replied, "yes, I've lost 35 pounds since September and it's the byproduct of my food experiment designed to get my blood pressure and cholesterol in check by eliminating certain foods and concentrating on healthier food choices."  Each person told me they could never have the willpower to give up their favorite foods.  It came down to one thing – they simply weren't ready to change.

If you're struggling with willpower, dig deep to find a reason why you want to change.  For me, my desire to be around my loved ones is all I need to give me willpower.  This is how you gain willpower points.  Have a great day.

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