Saturday, April 23, 2016

Fall in Love with the Process and You Can Achieve Countless Successful Outcomes

What is it in life you truly desire?  Is it elusive?  If so, maybe you're so focused on that out-of-reach carrot that you forgot to enjoy the discovery process.  This is where the joy is.  It's the hunt.  It involves all five senses.  It's the people around you who inspire you to get out of bed every morning and savor the journey.  You know deep down that as soon as you get your hands on whatever it is you're chasing, you're going to reset your goal and chase the next carrot.  Or, you can concentrate your energy on the trail.  There are rewards at every step.  Take your eyes off the carrot today and look around you.  Isn't it beautiful?

My tennis team-mates are getting really excited about the possibilities ahead.  We're playoff bound.  For some, that may be the carrot.  For me, it's the daily challenge to develop my game and be a little better today than I was yesterday.  The real joy is in today's match.  Life is a series of moments that are meant to be savored like fine wine.  I've fallen in love with the process.  Carrot chasing takes the joy out of today's salad.  Besides, I'd rather plant a carrot and nurture it then chase it at the expense of giving up today's joy.  Have a great day.

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